On a spring day in Seoul , we noticed something different in the sock scene. Every inspiring outfit featured a pair of unique and fun socks in the young hip areas of Seoul.
Unlike in Sweden, where socks were either plain black or riot clashing colors, these accessories were fun and creative. Our first thought was that there were something missing in Sweden.

Fast-forward to Tokyo one week later, we saw vending machines in every single corner stocked with any kind of items. That was when the intersection of socks and vending machine crossed paths and an idea was born.

Taking this idea, our founder Jennie Tran developed and created our brand SOIKK , An Urban Socks wear made with premium bamboo yarn sold in automated kiosks.
Nice to you, your surroundings and our planet.

We have also now launched online to reach out globally to socks lover who wants to step up their socks game!


Bamboo yarn